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It was said that Cleopatra slept in a pure gold mask every night, believing it was the secret to her flawless skin. Throughout history, gold has been revered for its beautifying and healing properties – its ability to conduct energy makes it a perfect tool for strengthening skin and slowing down the effects of ageing. It can’t get more luxurious than that.

Our Dazzling Gold Facial Treatment is designed to improve skin elasticity, reverse cell damage, improve blood circulation and increase the regeneration of your natural collagen. It moisturizes and calms the skin. It also helps to smoothen skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Dazzling Gold Facial Treatment also includes the DermaGlow Skin Booster treatment which promises to provide intense rejuvenation and hydration for our skin by giving our skin the nutrients it needs. This treatment took Korea by storm promising to plump out fine lines and to give our skin a healthy, dewy glow. This treatment restores hydro balance in the skin through the replenishment of hyaluronic acid in the skin resulting in more effective retention of moisture. It improves skin elasticity and firmness due to the stimulation of the skin to produce more collagen - resulting in firmer, fuller and brighter skin.

Using an advanced intradermal penetration technology, medical-grade hyaluronic acid is being delivered to the deeper layers of the skin using high-pressured jet system (0.1mm to 0.15mm), allowing precise and quick delivery without compromising the skin’s matrix. The absence of needles allows treatments to be painless and trauma-free, and at the same time, allowing the skin to achieve whitening, rejuvenation, pore size reduction, collagen stimulation and other beneficial effects.

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