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1 SESSION: $38


Using a unique radiofrequency technology developed and built-in Korea, our 3D Facelift is proven for supreme skin tightening in the face and body.

Advanced radio frequency technology safely transfers heat to the undersurface of the skin (the dermal layer) initiating a process called collagen remodelling. Older, stretched out collagen strands are denatured by the radiofrequency energy and during the body's repair process these strands line up in a more youthful configuration. The result is tighter, more elastic and smoother skin.

3D FaceLift is an ideal treatment for individuals, who are not yet ready to consider a surgical facelift and for people who had a lift and want to maintain their results. The treatments are comfortable, no anaesthesia is required, and we have seen consistent, incremental, lasting and measurable results.

CS6 Simply Before After Template-09.jpg
Simply - 3D Facelift.png
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