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The GLOW ZONE Laser Facial targets various skin conditions and imperfections such as acne, open pores, pigmentation, brown spots, dull skin, aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is most commonly used for treating pores, pimples and pigmentation. The core benefits of this treatment would be an immediate whitening and exuding radiance from the skin. At the same time, we can notice lightening and improvements of imperfections of the skin.

This quick and effective treatment uses low energy pulses of lasers to eliminate signs of ageing and imperfections. No preparation is required for this laser treatment and practically no downtime, enabling you to resume routine activities immediately. It is painless and safe for everyday use to ensure that your skin is at tip-top condition all day long.

The GLOW ZONE Laser Facial empowers dry-cleansing of the face without the fear of high costs, downtime and side effects. Experience the miraculous and immediate effects of the GLOW ZONE Laser Facial today.

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Valid Only For First Time Customers Age 21 and Above

Not Applicable for Tourists

Only 1 redemption per person

Appointment Required 

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