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Cellulite, the bane of our existence is one of the hardest to get rid of. LPG Cellulite Treatment can effectively and non-invasively target the unwanted fat cells by breaking up the fat and removing excess fluids. 

The LPG Cellulite treatment uses mechanical rollers on the targeted areas to massage and compresses fat cells which gently helps to accelerate the fat release process (lipolysis). 

LPG can help you: 

  • Lose fat faster by breaking up the fat and removing excess fluids

  • Reduce the dimpled appearance of thighs and buttocks caused by cellulite

  • Define body contours for a more attractive body shape

  • Tone muscles and firm flabby skin, resulting in a smoother overall appearance

  • Ease muscular tension, improve the blood flow and lymphatic drainage, leading to better sleep and radiant skin

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