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1 SESSION: $88


Carbon laser peels are a type of laser treatment that uses a carbon peel prior to the laser treatment, to further enhance skin tone and texture while effectively reducing the size of your pores.

The carbon cream is applied to your face before your laser treatment, allowing it to be deeply absorbed by your pores. The carbon cream has the ability to absorb impurities deep within your skin.

During the laser treatment, the light from the laser beam breaks down the carbon cream, causing multiple tiny 'explosions' of carbon particles that both exfoliate the skin and remove impurities that the carbon cream has absorbed. This process also releases a smaller amount of heat, stimulating collagen production, reducing acne inflammation and lightening acne scars.

Clients often report finding the procedure comfortable and tolerable - most generally experience a warm sensation as a result of the mild heat produced by the laser. There is no downtime associated with this procedure. Feel free to apply makeup or resume your daily activities immediately after your treatment!

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