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DeepSculpt is a body contouring treatment to help you to achieve that S-Line Contour. It harnesses the latest body contouring technology that is based on the 448khz RET system (Resistive Electrical Transfer) to generate 3 biological effects; biostimulation, vascularisation and hyperactivation.

Target deep fat by adjusting the proper frequency of ion activity inside and outside the cells so that positive and negative ion exchange is restored to normal and are balanced. 

Effectively lift and firm up the skin while restoring elasticity of blood vessels and rebuilding the microcirculation system. Deeplift helps to contour, shape up and tone the body non-invasively without the need for invasive surgery. Immediate results with no downtime and no pain. 

Enjoy the myraid of benefits that the Deep Lift Body Contouring Treatment has to offer: 

- Firm and Contour the body 

- Eliminate stubborn fat cells 

- Burn visceral fat

- Increase metabolism

- Lymphatic detoxification

- Improve blood circulation
- Recovery of cells, nerves, bones, muscles, and ligaments
- Regulate endocrine
- Improve sleep quality

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