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The 6D Facelift V-shaper harnesses the latest face lifting technology that is based on the 448khz CET system to generate 3 biological effects; biostimulation, vascularisation and hyperactivation.

Effectively lift and firm up the skin while restoring elasticity of blood vessels and rebuilding the microcirculation system. The 6D Facelift V-shaper helps to define facial contours without the need for going under the knife. It is a non-invasive yet effective solution to achieving that K-beauty slender jawline contour with immediate results with no downtime and no pain. 

Enjoy the myraid of benefits that the 6D Facelift V-shaper has to offer: 

- Lift saggy and wrinkled skin

- Contour the jawline 

- Shape and sculpt the face 

- Reduce fine lines 

- Promote facial metabolism 

- Promote skin cell metabolism and collagen regeneration

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